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Brand Identity Development

Bringing Brand Closer To The Target Audience Through Localization

I have always taken an interest in localizing brand identities in order to have the edge over fierce competition. During my tenure with the IOM, upon launching the global branding guidelines, I have conceptualized and implemented the organization's primary and secondary logos in the native language.


Furthermore, I have led the development of one of the largest regional project’s identity by creating brand assets that embraced the spirit of multi-stakeholder sustainable partnerships and valued the pragmatism of the cause. 

Ensuring Strategic And Politically Correct Messaging

In 2016, IOM joined the United Nations as a specialized agency to lead the global migration discourse. As a result, the organization’s field engagement strategies had to be redefined.


Being the communications lead of the UN migration agency’s one of the largest operational zones, I was responsible for designing audience-driven corporate communication and visibility items that helped the organization position itself as the leading migration agency. This included designing identity brochures, leaflets, project flash reports etc.

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