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Digital Innovation and Engagement

Increasing Brand Awareness Through Revitalizing SEO Tactics

In 2020, along with a team of 3 from the Schulich School of Business, I have recommended and implemented SEO tactics for a Toronto based recruiting firm for improving brand awareness. The project took a deep dive into analyzing the category entry points, mental network of employers and employees and identified potential growth opportunities. 

The implementation of the SEO tactics was carried out by devising a detailed Work Breakdown Structure for enhanced efficiency and cost minimization. 

The project has helped the organization narrow down its SEO outreach and taking a targetted approach while positioning itself as a Toronto based recruiting firm specialized with the tech industry.

Measuring Campaigns Impact In Real-Time

One of the key challenges for the UN's migration agency has been the limited amount of data coming from different communities. This often resulted in having skewed datasets on the impact of past and ongoing campaigns.   


To mitigate the challenge, in 2019, I have led the development of a smartphone app that measures the real-time impact of campaigns using embedded feedback mechanisms across different outreach channels. The app also captures human interest stories from local communities.


The app currently is helping the organization document visual testimonials and present case stories in motion format. 

The Community response app is fully compatible with native languages and available on the app store and google play.

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